Luckey Homes has unpacked in Toronto!

A new international destination for Luckey Homes

Yvan Tezzo
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March 22, 2018

What a start this year for Luckey Homes: following the launch of our branch in London, we now expand our short term rental services overseas. After the openings of our offices in Montreal and Quebec a year ago, Luckey Homes is now ready to offer our Airbnb management services in one of the biggest cities in Canada: Toronto!

Short let & vacation rental management

Toronto: a must-see destination!

Toronto is one of the most vibrant and eclectic city on the planet with over 140 spoken languages. This metropolis broke a new record in 2017 by welcoming over 43 million visitors. The income generated by this massive tourism affluence has been estimated at more than $8.8 billion in 2017.

Toronto has also been voted the most livable city in 2015 and is considered by many as the most pleasant metropolitan area in the world. The short-term rental market plays an important role in this dynamism: there are nearly 13.000 Airbnb listings in Toronto.

Why you should visit Toronto

In addition to its famous sightseeing activities such as the CN Tower, wonderful islands or beautiful neighborhoods; Toronto has a lot more to offer.

It is no surprise that the gastronomy in Toronto reflects its cultural and ethnic diversity. For any sports fan, this is the place to be. There is a professional team represented in each major league!

Toronto is also a paradise for nature lovers. The city is full of green spaces and with more than 1.400 named parks, there are trees at every corner. The metropolis has an unrelenting stream of excellent cultural activities: enjoy its vibrant nightlife, exhibitions, festivals or concerts. Do not miss Caribana, its internationally known Caribbean festival held each summer. It is also the set of many great movies and Toronto has seen many of its artists gain massive international success. The most popular one being Drake and his now famous OVO Fest!

Short let & vacation rental management with our new City Manager!

We are pleased and excited to bring our expertise to help you remove all the hassles of being an Airbnb host in Toronto. With our all-inclusive property management service, your guests will enjoy a hotel-quality service which will ensure you to get 5-stars reviews and increase your rental income.

To do so, we are happy to introduce Yvan, your City Manager in Toronto ! As a former investment banker, his entrepreneurial mindset and his international background will both be great assets to answer your needs; making your guest’s stay a success:

"I am convinced that Luckey Homes' expertise and all-inclusive services will appeal to Torontonians and fully satisfy them. The company has proven it could bring innovation and make complex tools appear intuitive to the hosts."
Airbnb Management Services Toronto

Yvan - City Manager Toronto

"For me this is a game changer in the industry! Managing more than 300 properties in the French capital and available in almost 30 cities worldwide, Toronto is our next big challenge. I cannot wait to show local hosts the French touch conciergerie services!"

Ready to say goodbye to the hassles of a short-term rental and boost your property’s value?

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