Jean-Christophe rent his home while on holidays

Airbnb and Luckey pay for JC’s vacation

Jean-Christophe now rents his main residence during his holidays or for the weekend for 400€/night.

Jean Christophe is the proud owner of a 185 sq. m apartment on the Boulevard St Germain in Paris. He lives there with his wife and 4 children.

Jean Christophe would like to offer his superb duplex to travelers visiting Paris during his holiday breaks. However, as he was put off by the technical aspects (distribution of his ad) and the many operational contraints involved (replies to inquiries, bookings, cleaning, welcoming, repairs, inventory, etc.), he never really got around to doing it.

His goal was not only to bring in additional income, but also to give travelers from across the world the chance to discover his exceptional apartment and to take advantage of a unique experience, while providing them with the names of all the cool places to go in Paris.

It was during a vacation with friends in Marseilles that he found out about the Luckey Homes service. The couple he was staying with rented their 300 sq. m home on a short-term basis during the summer via Luckey Homes, and were delighted with the quality of the service offered.

Since then, Jean Christophe opens his calendar for rentals (thanks to his Luckey Homes app) as soon he is sure of his vacation dates. At 400EUR a night, his holidays are auto-financed almost immediately and he is always pleasantly surprised to find his apartment in the same impeccable shape it was at his departure, as well the stack of thank you notes his guests leave behind for him.

Offer your apartment as a short-term rental during your holidays or for a weekend? It’s as easy as Luckey!

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