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The Airbnb / Short term rental market in Lyon

Lyon, the City of Lights

It’s not surprising that Lyon was voted the best weekend destination in Europe in 2016. The city now welcomes 5.5 million visitors annually, two million more than ten years ago, of which 30 % are tourists from abroad. The figure keeps on rising, not counting the “business” clientele, which constitutes a regular share of Airbnb’s customer base, as Lyon has become a key economic center.

Among the 4 300 AirBnB Lyon-based apartments, 77,3% are rented in their entirety, 21,1% as individual rooms and 1,6% as shared rooms. The average price per night is 69€.

The neighbourhoods which bring in the highest return on investment are the ones most sought-after by tourists: the old city of Lyon and the peninsula between the Ainay area and the slopes of the Croix-Rousse.

The overall average annual occupancy rate in Lyon is close to 70%.

The rental rate peaks during the month of June, in particular. Events such as the Festival of Lights in December or the Nights of Fourvière attract large crowds of visitors, raising the occupancy rate significantly during these periods. During the rest of the year, the city’s cultural attractions and its remarkable French “art de vivre”, illustrated by is innumerable restaurants, including Paul Bocuse, continue to draw a steady stream of visitor.

Geographical location

Lyon is ideally located between the Alps, Italy and the Mediterranean, at the very epicentre of Europe.

A strategic geographical crossroad for Europe’s north-south traffic that passes through the well-traveled Rhône Valley.

Other than its key geographical situation, Lyon has a great many other assets, notably its rich culture and world-famous gastronomical traditions.

Our customers in Lyon get, on average, a rating of 4,8


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« Luckey Homes staff was amazingly kind, gracious and resourceful. They clearly went beyond the - call of duty to help me. I shall never forget their kindness. » - Carilyn

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